General terms and conditions


  1. Our guests are kindly asked to observe the rules of safe and cultural recreation.

  2. Only our checked-in guest are allowed to use the accommodation at our premises. A photographic ID must be presented at check in.

  3. Check-in time starts at 14.00 on the arrival day and finishes at 10.00 on the following day. 

  4. Payments are made in advance on arrival (minus the booking confirmation payment). Payments are refundable upon our discretion. 

  5. Check-ins and check-outs are conducted by our staff. Please let us know what time you are planning to leave to expedite this process.

  6. Any damages and faults should be reported to our staff. In case our guests are liable for the damage (or costs of repair), the payments should be settled prior to departure.

  7. Parents bear full responsibility for the behaviour and safety of their children.

  8. Quiet hours start at 22.00 and finish at 7.00.

  9. In case you would like to extend your stay, please notify a member of staff as soon as possible.

  10. We do not take responsibility for any lost property. Our guests are advised to make sure all windows are doors are securely locked before leaving the apartment.

  11. Cats and dogs are only allowed on our premises with a valid vaccination card, a leash, and a muzzle.  Owners are obliged to clean up after their pets and make sure their pets do not disturb other guests. 

  12. Cars should be parked either in the parking space adjacent to each house/caravan or in the parking area on the premises. 

  13. Smoking inside the house/caravan is not allowed.

  14. Additional heating devices (fan heaters, halogen heaters) must not be used due to fire safety regulations.  

  15. We reserve the right to evict from the premises those of our guests who do not comply with these terms and conditions and/or disturb other guests.

  16. Any issues not covered in our terms and conditions are regulated by Polish Civil Code (Kodeks cywilny RP). 

  17. The above terms and condition apply from 15.06.2012.



  1. The playground is a place with a specific design to allow children to play there.

  2. The playground can be used by children only when supervised by an adult.

  3. All equipment should be used only for its original purpose. 

  4. Games, ball games and bike riding is not allowed in the playground area.

  5. Upper parts of playground equipment should not be climbed onto – particularly the swings, climbers, the playhouse.

  6. No more than one child is allowed to use a piece of equipment at a time. 

  7. In the playground area the following activities are not allowed:

    • littering,

    • damaging the playground equipment, 

    • any disruptive behavior,

    • making bonfires, using pyrotechnics or any other dangerous chemical substances,  

    • dog walking,     

    • drinking alcohol,

    • smoking.


  8. Any damages ot the playground equipment should be reported to our staff.

  9. The above terms of use apply from 15.06.2012.



  1. Children can only use the trampoline when supervised by an adult.

  2. The trampoline can only be used by one person at a time.

  3. The trampoline is not suitable for pregnant women.

  4. Bouncing up and landing should always be made off and on two feet. To land safely one should land on two feet with one’s knees slightly bent and arms forward. 

  5. In the event of uncontrolled landing one should curl up to minimize the risk of any potential injuries. 

  6. Food is not allowed when on the trampoline. 

  7. Suitable clothing should be worn when using the trampoline.

  8. No sharp and unauthorised objects are allowed  e.g. keys, mobile phones’ jewelry. Pockets should be emptied before getting on the trampoline.

  9. Glasses, contact lenses, and hats (excluding safety helmets) should not be worn when using the trampoline.

  10. Shoes worn when using the trampoline should not leave marks or damage the surface and the padding of the trampoline in any way. 

  11. Using the trampoline under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances is strictly prohibited.

  12. The safety nets should not be climbed on.

  13. The trampoline should be climbed on and off using the stairs.

  14. Any further recommendations and guidance from our staff should be followed. 

  15. Any damages and faults should be immediately reported to our staff.

  16. The user accepts full responsibility for any damages resulting from not complying with the above terms of use.

  17. The above terms of use apply from 15.06.2012.